Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my readers!

Its right time to think about next year so I have a list:
1: Read more books, now it's about what I do at work: CSS, PHP, JS but also whatever I find worth reading: "Piękny Kod".
2: Find more time for sport, generally Taekwondo and loose weight :)
3: Better planning and less time wasted.
4: I think about sites like: github and jsdo.it (for some web projects) as a tools for personal labs and experiments in next year - HTML5 Canvas looks promising.

From my activities I hope to add more blog entries but I think that they will be more about HTML5 and JS than Java so I probably should change blog description but better not now because it's morning after New Year's Eve :)

One more time Happy New Year! Let it be better than 2010!


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