NetBeans Platform chapters 1 and 2

Chapter 1: Modules

About modules but also a quick introduction to creating NetBeans platform Project and modules. There was some changes between what was expected and what I found after project creation, but nothing important. Great quick start, which ends making me wanting more :)
When starting with this book creating NetBeans Platform projects looks pretty easy and very interesting. Yes, this is for newcomers in NetBeans, but it makes me not be discouraged at the beginning.

Chapter 2: Forms.
All about Matisse and how to use it for creating frontend of your application. Best of it is at the end of chapter: how to add my shiny new form to NetBeans palette! Really nice feature!

  1. If you have problems with: org.openide.util not recognized check this link: 
  2. To add TaskEditorPanel to pallete add package of  it to public Api of this module in project preferences. Then NetBeans wizard will recognize it.

Chapter 3: Window System in next post.


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