NetBeans Platform Chapter 3: Window System

Chapter 3: Window System

Everything you should now about creating layout in NetBeans applications. Most of it can be done declaratively, and in standard cases Wizards will do the job. But there is more! Despite NetBeans standard layout positions you can create new ones. End even create groups of them(something like perspectives in Eclipse).   If you want even more power about layout window position and even opening and closing of them can be changed programmatically! Of course groups of windows can be managed as well.
At the end of the chapter there was example about saving data and about how NetBeans is remembering last state of opened windows. Using writeProperties and readPropertiesInpl we can store some data using key-value pairs. It could be handy for storing some custom configuration, or even last state of edit or whatever user was doing in application.

Chapter 4: Lookup - how to use another modules and ensure that they are still loosely coupled... I really want to see how they make it :)

And one private info: I feel sick and last tow days I've spent in bed so chapter 3 was the only thing I done :(  there is more... I still feel sleepy and still feels sick.

I am searching for twitter client with great or at leas good support for unread messages. Now I am using TweetDeck it's fine but not what I want... I think that something like google reader( i know about service sending tweets to reader, but then I had to many rss :/ ) so I need another client... In ubuntu I probably must wait for Gwibber 3, but maybe something for AIR or Windows?


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