Vi, Python and Bash in learning queue

From a month I doesn't have a Windows System even installed, and after finishing some books I want to learn more about using Linux and programming in Linux.
I think that for a beggining I want to :
Learn Vi,
Learn Bash, and more about Linux terminals, and Linux System as... System ;)
Learn Python.

I have started reading about Python some time ago at: in Polish to get it easier, but after That I think about reading a whole book in English. Anyway I started from Python, but now I think that while learning Python I want to use Linux Editor, I have to choose from Vi and emacs but Vi wins for me, without  a reason - I just fight with it a couples of times, and at least know basics :)
It is good idea as I think to write Python in Vi instead of NetBeans, gedit(good with addons), or Eclipse. I can't use them in terminal ...

Generally I must learn more about Linux, I use only some basics command and often use google to do something more than cd/pwd/rm/touch ... I really need to know more.

So know I am serching good sources for learning Vi and Vim but rather a long one. To after reading it I wan't need to search and read in another 10 places. For now I found : and ACMS - Beginner's Guide to the Vi editor but maybe I finally buy one of this books. If anyone knows a good site where I can learn Vi and Vim, let me know in comments :)

I am also serching for a site about Linux and scripting, for now I foud some about Linux and some about scripting but they always are so small and have to little information. I am considering two books: and

I have spent only about 10minutes for serching while writing this post but I hope to get some interesting links from readers of this post :)

If you knows any really good site about vi, linux or bash please let me know. Finally I can buy one but I must be shure that it's woth my money :)


  1. I does't have?
    resonable reson
    I just fight with it a couples of time, and
    To afer reading
    maybe I finally bay one of this books
    If anyone know
    I foud some albout
    it's woth

    niestety nie pomogę, ale gryzą mnie w oczy te w.w. błędy
    także popraw je i powodzenia

  2. From a month I does't have a Windows System even installed :)

  3. Dzięki, chyba wszystkie poprawione :)


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