Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)

For some time I have no time to write, byt while installing extensions to Chrome 4, I find titled extension. Maybe using it I will post more often...

In last month there was a lot of changes in my life:
1: Moving to Krakow... Krakow is one of the biggest cities in Poland. But why I do that? See 2.
2: After serching a job as a Java developer I gave up and start a 3-month practice (paid ;) as a junior PHP/Zend Framework programmer.
3: Install back Windows XP, sometimes I don't have time to Linux.... :(
4: Install Debian ;) Attention! When I upgrade it to sid my network menager stopped and I was unable to fix it, but now everything is ok, but I have stable realase installed ;)

I still have one partition empty but can't decide between Linux Mint and Linux Ubuntu. Readers please vote! ;)

About PHP:
I am reading about 3-4 php books at once but I after work I'm tired and sometimes read only a few pages.

PHP language:
It is slow! But at work we must think all the time how to make site we are creating fast, this is + but not for a language but my expirience ;) PHP is not OO language, many want it to be OO. Maybe becouse I was learning mostly Java PHP is mostly odd.
Also I gathering expirience with SQL/MySQL it can be handy :)

Of course please point my errors!


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