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JavaScript UnitTesting with JSDev

JSDev is shiny new project from Douglas Crockford.
With JSDev it is easy to write UnitTest within file that will be tested.

JSDev uses comments and command line scripts to uncomment your test code and run tests.
This is in my opinion interesting and easy. Only disadvantage is coding within comments (or comment test code when it's ready). But if editors will understand this comment it would be really powerful.

With Node.js it will be easy to execute JS without browser.

Watch screencast at NetTuts+ to see it in action:


Better Do Not Use MP3 in HTML5 Games

MP3 is a format with fee if game is above 5000 copies. So if game has 5000 views layers can interpret that as 5000 copies...

It can be tricky so better use MP4.

More at Scirca blog:

HTML5 Game Devs Blog

There is new awesome blog about HTML5 Games Development:

I'm really impressed with amount of great posts that are published.

CSS After IE6 Era

Nice list of CSS selectors and properties that can be used after dropping IE6 support.

Can I Use

Nice compatibility tables with browsers that supports that feature.

Eg. - SVG support.

What Should Every Programmer Know About Web Development