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Understand this Keyword in JavaScript

jGen - Easily Create Isometric Games

jGen is JavaScript game engine for Isometric Games.

Interesting is ready for use Map editor:

Joint - UML Diagrams with JavaScript

Joint is JavaScript diagramming library which uses Raphaël SVG library.


Definitive Guide to Jenkins

This book can be purchased or downloaded for free:

Jenkins can help you with repeating tasks, more at Jenkins wiki:


New interesting blog about Creative uses of JavaScript. Most of it are Canvas and WebGL demos but it looks really impressive :)

PHP Docbook Online Editor

Edit PHP Docbook Online:

Google Pac-Man

Thanks to JS News group on Facebook I realize that I didn't watched all IO videos!

+ Great talk about games in general:

HTML5 and Games

Great talk about Games in JavaScript and HTML5.

HTML5 & JavaScript Games View more documents from Rob Hawkes

Legacy Code

Great post about Legacy Code and Tests.
Tests will slow down developers, bugs and new features will take longer, but it will be better in future of project. Tests will document code and ease support. Also QA phase will be shorter.
Scout Rule:

Pinned Sites in IE and Windows
This is really interesting how this can integrate with Windows7.
Google Chrome is about WebApplications, now I think that this is even better. WebApplications really integrated with Operating System. + one that this is without creating browser addon! Just paste some additional markup to your html and this will start working.
I am not really fan of Microsoft, but they are for sure innovative, if only it plays well with implementing standards....

jQuery Performance

Really impressive presentation about speed of jQuery in real life usage and how to write jQuery code that would be fast.
Author also encourage to use for testing speed.

Presentation url:

jQuery Proven Performance Tips & Tricks View more presentations from Addy Osmani

HTML5 Security Cheatsheet