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JavaScript Memory Management

Another to read later article about JavaScript:

To books page I've added link to Mozilla page about JavaScript:

Great about it is that now I am reading Eloquent JavaScript so it would be convenient to read also the rest of suggested materials :)

For now I have about 19 items in my ToDo list, and it so hard to check it all...

Programmers Health Problems (Wrist exercies)

For me interesting was wrist exercies:

Gnome3 - Seed

SVN Move and Merge

Interesting question:

But try this in real work: several feature branches, many bugfix branches and release branch. Add to it that not everybody in a team is svn master and You would know how svn "real" move is important.

But this issue is 9 years old and even now is moved to future 1.8 release.

Subversion 1.7 in roadmap is sheduled for Q1 2011. I am curious when it will be :)
About month ago there was much more yellow dots so hope it will be soon.

Tip: In 1.7 SVN will work a bit more like git: one ".svn" folder and even -git option for svn diff.

Ciekawa strona w wieloma artykułami na tematy webowe:

Z tego co widzę nie znajdziemy tam kompletnych kursów na dane tematy, ale najważniejsze pojęcia mają swoje krótkie omówienie. Szczegóły można wyszukać w wielu innych miejscach, ale zrozumienie działania jest najważniejsze.

Co można znaleźć:

HTMLXHTMLCSSCSS3JavaScriptMySQLZa minus można wziąć brak jakiejkolwiek wzmianki o HTML5 (jeśli po prostu nie znalazłem proszę o informacje)